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Equipment Needed to Play Hockey

Forwards or Defense Players

  1. Helmet (Must be HEC Certified, full cage or face shield)
  2. Colored mouth guard
  3. Neck guard
  4. Shoulder pads
  5. Elbow pads
  6. Hockey gloves
  7. Protective jock (Male) or pelvic protector (Female)
  8. Hockey pants
  9. Shin/knee guards
  10. Hockey skates (No figure skates)
  11. Stick


  1. Helmet (Must be HEC Certified)
  2. Throat guard or dangler
  3. Mouth guard
  4. Neck guard 
  5. Chest and arm protector 
  6. Blocker glove
  7. Catcher glove
  8. Hockey pants
  9. Jock/Pelvic Protector (Goalie-specific recommended)
  10. Goalie knee pads (recommended)
  11. Leg pads
  12. Hockey skates (Goalie-specific preferred, not required)
  13. Goalie stick

Players and goalies will need hockey tape for sticks, an equipment bag, a jersey, and hockey socks. Once placed on an NYHL team, each player and goalie will receive a team jersey and socks. 

NOTE: Street or inline hockey equipment is not allowed. 

Equipment Rental

To rent ice hockey equipment from the Nashville Youth Hockey League, please contact James Perkin at or call 615-678-1639.

Local Hockey Pro Shop
Perani's located inside Centennial Sportsplex (lobby entrance)